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The sassy success club

for female web designers

determined to create their dream WordPress design business.

Get the monthly support

guidance and goodness you need

to turn your design talent and creative skills into a profitable & productive WordPress web design business.

Device mockup of what you get in WP Mavens

WP Mavens is a monthly online membership community for female web designers determined to build profitable and productive WordPress design businesses.

Each month, you’ll unlock pro masterclasses, mentoring sessions, events, tutorials and templates that help you:

Streamline and simplify TF outta your web design business so you’re doing more in less time.

Remove the stress, pressure and panic of figuring out how to build your dream WordPress design biz.

Confidently set business boundaries that protect you from jerk clients and bring more balance, flexibility and calm into your life.

Master the skills you need to make your dream clients stupidly happy by increasing your productivity, uplevelling your abilities and getting better results for them.

Start trusting in your worth so you can increase your prices, earn more and work less.

Feel suuuper legit by sorting out your contracts, insurance, super, budgeting and all those other (sometimes scary and stressful) bits and pieces of building a pro web design business.

Confidently attract more dream clients without selling your soul or feeling like a salesy slimeball.

Build a web design business around your life

(not the other way around!)

Plus, squad goals?

We’ve gottem in spades.
At WP Mavens, you’ll be welcomed into a community of entrepreneurial women that adore everything you do and would murder a taco or two if it looked at you funny.

What designers are saying…

And damn, they’re making us blush!

I now feel absolute confidence that I am building WordPress sites the right way, and that I’m not accidentally letting my clients down. It’s wonderful to have two WordPress whizzes to turn to with any curly tech questions I have.”

— Sarah from Slinky Did It & Designer Admin

“Haley and Emma have made my transition from graphic designer to web designer so easy and have saved me so much time & money. Having their experience and mentoring has given me the confidence to build beautiful and functional websites for my clients, and more importantly, charge what my time is worth. I now charge 3 times more 🙂”

— Siri from Siri Creative

“Before working with Haley & Emma I was struggling with a lack of direction and a website that I was not proud of.

Whilst I am still working through all the fantastic content provided, they have given me the tools to improve my business and offerings, build a website with all the requirements to make it successful, and have the confidence to keep building and growing my dream.”

— Tina H from Studio 76

“I was missing out on opportunities and heaps of $$$, but I was just too overwhelmed to figure it all out on my own.

Emma and Haley are both so lovely and helpful and involved in their community, that I truly felt like they were invested in me and my business.

I can now confidently quote and build amazing websites and I feel like my world has opened up with possibilities. And being part of a supportive community throughout the journey makes me feel like a winner for sure!”

— Jessica from Altitude Unlimited

But wait:

What the heckers is an online membership community anyway?

Basically? Think of WP Mavens as a secret VIP club exclusively for female designers making, growing (and sometimes groaning over) their own WordPress design businesses.

At its heart, WP Mavens is you (a mad talented designer), us (Emma & Haley – your fangirls, mentors and WP design geeks), a community of kindred design spirits (fr, we can’t wait for you to meet them!) and alllll the educational resources you need to build your best WordPress design biz.

Oh, and that educational hub?
It’s ever-growing. So, no matter where you’re at in your business journey, you’ll know you’re being supported to build the WP design biz of your dreams.

So you might be asking:

Why join WP Mavens?

In which case, great question you!
We asked our lovely members that exact same thing…

Suzanne Black: I love the idea of a group of female designers that are at the same stage as me. They know how to build a WordPress site but now they want to build their business. I also love that you are both still working in web.
Orsolya Enikö Veres: I wanted an ongoing community where I could learn more about web design, improve my processes, make more friends, and support each other on our journey.
Miriam Pir: I was looking for a community for female web designers to have co-working and networking in a "safe space".
Britta Just: I really appreciate having a like-minded community that supports each other. Plus points for a women only safe space without the mansplaining - I guess we all had our fair share of that.
Sez Gower:<br />
I've been looking for a community specific for WordPress users... and then you ladies appeared!!

Whether you’re already a bonafide WordPress whiz

or you’re only just starting your web design biz,

WP Mavens will be there to guide you in increasing your profit, uplevelling your web design skills and building a balanced biz that supports your passion and lifestyle.

Whether you’re already a bonafide WordPress whiz

or you’re only just starting your web design biz,

WP Mavens will be there to guide you in increasing your profit, uplevelling your web design skills and building a balanced biz that supports your passion and lifestyle.

Hey, we’re Emma and Haley!

We’re web designers, WordPress fangirls & design geeks on a mission to help female web designers build their dream WP design business!

We’ve been IRL BFFs since high school (way back when Emma had a crush on Haley’s now-husband 🙈 #awkawrd – not really) and biz besties since 2014.

It’s a forever thing for us. We’ve cheered each other through thick and thin across crushes, continents and careers.

In 2001, we held each other’s hair back as we experienced (way too much) alcohol for the first time.

In 2012, when Haley was teaching herself how to become a designer, Emma was there to mentor, encourage, inspire and unf*ck the entire process for her.

And in 2018, when Emma wondered aloud if she could really get paid for doing something that felt so easy and rewarding, Haley lovingly nodded her and said, “DUDE, YOU SO CAN – the world needs you to become a WordPress design sensei!”

Today, you can find us living the cafe life (Haley), taking our sausages to the beach (Emma – if you’re intrigued, check out my Insta 😉) and high-fiving each other as we help our Mavens become the masters of their destinies and web design businesses.

And, you, you talented designer that we already adore, you can TOTALLY sit with us! Seriously, make yourself at home.

Because we get it. We’re designers just like you. We get goosebumps over a gorgeous font combo, cringe over a premature popup, and can get physically ill over an ugly colour palette. But, more than that, we’ve been where you are, have made a LOT of mistakes and had to learn things the hard way.

But we did learn them.

And now, we’re living our dream web design businesses.

Lifestyle over Hustle

Haley works 15 to 20 hours a week – and takes lots of holidays each year – and still makes more than she ever did in her soul-sucking full-time corporate career.

Takin' Home the Bacon

Emma is the official carb-creating breadwinner of her family and only works on a handful of select projects each year for clients she adores (and still enjoys more creativity, days off and dosh than ever!)

But what if you could achieve all of that

and YOUR unique version of success

without swearing your way through a symphony of stressful stuff-ups?

‘Cause we believe that the secrets to success are meant to be shared not squirreled away. Which is why we’re devoted to being by your side to make the journey to building your dream web design biz fun, easy and simple (like, it’ll actually be us, not a team of cute yellow minions or e-bots, btw).

We support you to succeed at what matters to you.

Curious how WP Mavens was born?

☕ Grab some cawfee and read our story here.

We aren’t ones to brag (okay, Emma isn’t one to brag; Haley thinks being humble is a weakness *laughing emoji*), but when it comes to WP Mavens, we’re unapologetically proud of the community we’re creating, ‘cause we know it will support our members to:

Feel financially independent and support their families by increasing their prices and earning hundreds (if not thousands!) more each month.

Land their DREAM clients and work exclusively on projects that they happy clap over.

See their creative visions come to life with real WordPress websites they’ve confidently built themselves.

Collect compliments and revel in the praise of gushing clients that think they’re legit tech and creative geniuses.

Stop feeling like frauds and develop unwavering confidence in their awesome WordPress skills and businesses.

Have the ovaries to quote on and go for bigger, bolder and higher-paying projects (fuck yeah!!)

Get waaaay more done each day, week and month (yep, spare time and free weekends will actually be a thing again!)

Protect their businesses from painful clients and ensure they never work with people that don’t make them feel good.

Find their people and swap loneliness for connection with a community that truly cares about them.

Feel confident in their skills and know when they can say to a client, “Yeah nah, I don’t troubleshoot emails/set up your Instagram/edit Wix websites/walk your dog” (but in a polite & profesh way of course 😉).

Take full advantage of the opportunities of web design to collect cash from recurring (and sometimes passive) revenue.

So, why did we make a special club just for
female designers with WordPress design businesses?

Easy: ‘Cause you’re special AF.

Do you know how rare you are?

A designer with mad skills that wants to make WordPress websites? Swoon! You’re basically a mythical white designer unicorn. And us unicorns gotta stick together. 😉

‘Cause just like other mythical creatures, there are a lot of random – and wrong – rumours floating around about web designers.

Let’s play a game and see if you can spot a few.

Fact or fiction:

Designers have no place building websites.

🙅🏻‍♀️ Dude, are you kidding? Designers are the PERFECT peeps to make beautiful and high-performing websites!

Building websites should be left to web developers.

🙅🏻‍♀️ Yeah, nah. Let’s smash that myth! Designers can be some of the best website builders out there.

You gotta know how to code to build a website.

🙅🏻‍♀️ Umm … you can build an entire website without touching a single line of code. It’s NOT a skill you need to become a profitable WordPress web designer.

Page builders like Divi and Elementor are for amateurs.

🙅🏻‍♀️ Dissing page builders is like saying UberEats is only for people who can’t cook. We can cook. We just think it’s pretty damn rad that you can order yummy food direct to your door without lifting a finger. Tools like page builders were made to make our lives easier!

The customer is always right.

🙅🏻‍♀️ We’re aaaall about respecting and caring for our awesome clients. But never forget that when it comes to web design, you’re the expert. They’re hired you for a reason. And sometimes you need to gently guide them in the right direction to ensure they get the best results.

You’ve gotta work long hours to earn good money.

🙅🏻‍♀️ We think it’s time for web designers to ditch buying into the “time for money” economy and uncap their income! We both work under 20 hours a week and make WAY more than we did when we were FT design monkeys.

But wait…

WP Mavens ISN’T a good fit for you if:

You’re looking for
a quick fix.

We give you heaps of almost done-for-you templates, but we can’t physically implement them for you. You still need to put in the work to set it up and build the web design biz of your dreams.

You struggle with
everyday tech.

If Instagram still baffles you and you need a pro/a tech-savvy kid to post your content, this membership isn’t for you. You don’t need to be a coding genius (or even know how to code at all), but you do still need to be relatively tech-adept.

You’re not willing to contribute to the WP Mavens’ community in a positive way.

We don’t mind if you’re an introvert and prefer to keep to yourself, but if you’re hauling in truckloads of toxicity and negativity, you’re probably better off taking a solo course.

What you get as a WP Mavens member

📣 Spoiler alert: It’s a lot – and it’s all awesome.

Weekly training sessions on Facebook Live

Ask us anything sessions hosted by Emma & Haley

Weekly virtual coworking sessions

Monthly educational masterclasses and practical training on UX design, sales funnels, outsourcing, accessibility, SEO, the list goes on

A monthly Hot Seat episode where Emma and Haley review a member’s website (either their website or one of their client’s)

Our Little Black Book of industry pros

A special listing for your biz in our Web Designer Directory

Access to our job board where you can hire a helper or find a new project

An exclusive invite to our WP Mavens members-only retreat

🎉 Plus, every month we celebrate our standout members

Be one of the most active & community-minded ladies to unlock extra resources & training…

Think: bonus courses, discounts & free one-on-one mentoring 💝

Your road to WP design biz success

Prefer to peek – and plan – ahead? We’ve gotchu.

Our monthly masterclasses, resources & training sessions will focus on the four essential pillars of building your dream web design biz.

Goal Setting & Mindset Magic

Your WP Mavens journey launches with a 7-day confidence challenge to help you master your mindset, set BIG goals, and trust in yourself enough to set positive boundaries, charge your worth, and work with bigger and better clients.

Money Matters

Overworked but underpaid? Yikes, we feel ya! But let’s fix that problem, stat. In this pillar, we’ll guide you in pricing your web design services strategically so you can maximise your profit without marrying your Mac and working 24/7. Oh, and uhumm, did someone say recurring revenue? We’ll turn you into a master in that too!

Perfecting Your Processes

Want to earn more but work less? It’s not what you do; it’s how you do it. Let’s save you a whooole lotta time and stress each week by walking you through the exact processes and system that’ll streamline and automate your web design business for you. Plus the (often free) tools that save us hours each week!

Becoming The Expert

Don’t worry – you don’t need to be a techy AF web developer to make awesome WordPress websites (and sell ‘em for a pretty penny). You don’t even need to know a single line of code (we ain’t CSS snobs here). (Phew!) Instead, we’ll show you how UX and sales funnels are all you need to create high-converting and crazy valuable websites (that clients will pay big bucks for).


Get INSTANT ACCESS to the resource vault & join us for the next training & co-working sessions — happening this week!



per month

(approx. USD 64)

– Weekly Training Sessions
– Monthly Digital Swag Bundles
– Ask Us Anything Sessions
– Monthly Educational Masterclasses
– Monthly Hot Seat Episodes
– Our Little Black Book of industry pros
– A special Web Designer Directory listing
– Access to our Job Board
– Weekly virtual co-working sessions
– Gift in the mail



per year

(approx. USD 640)

Charli Sales Page Template
(worth $97)
– Weekly Training Sessions
– Monthly Digital Swag Bundles
– Ask Us Anything Sessions
– Monthly Educational Masterclasses
– Monthly Hot Seat Episodes
– Our Little Black Book of industry pros
– A special Web Designer Directory listing
– Access to our Job Board
– Weekly virtual co-working sessions
– Gift in the mail


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Why hello!

We see you there. Looking at this WP Mavens thing, trying to work out if it’s the right fit for you. Here are the answers to all your burning questions…

🤔 Do I need to be a female designer to join the club?
Yep. Consider WP Mavens your safe place to ask the questions you may not feel comfortable to ask in other groups.

🤔 I don’t have a WP biz yet - can I still join?
You sure can! If you’re an aspiring WP business owner (and already know how to make WordPress sites), then you’re welcome to join WP Mavens.

🤔 Do I need to use WordPress to join the club?
Like our name suggest, WP Mavens is for ladies who love & use WordPress. Ideally, you'll want to have at least a basic knowledge of building WP sites to get the most value out of this membership. However, there's still loads of value to be had for designers/devs who just dabble in WordPress occasionally and want some to soak up all the more general web design trainings. Ladies who are brand new to WordPress and eager to learn will also benefit from joining, but we may suggest you consider taking some of our courses as well and as a Maven you get 20% all our courses too!

Still more questions.
Don't worry we gotchu

🤔 Designers have no place building websites.

Dude, are you kidding? Designers are the PERFECT peeps to make beautiful and high-performing websites!

🤔 Is the roadmap schedule set or can I skip ahead to the module that I need the most?

Each month, we’ll be releasing new modules based on our four pillars. These modules have been meticulously crafted to step you through the smoothest process to building your dream web design biz by boosting your skills and confidence and supporting you to land bigger-budget project (or two … or ten! ) within your first few months. Then, we focus on streamlining and making your workday and creative process as easy-breezy as possible.

Which is to say … trust our process. 😉

🤔 How long will I have access to the monthly resources for?

As long as you are an active member of WP, you’ll have full access to the current and past monthly resources.

🤔 Is this just ANOTHER subscription I’m totally gonna forget about?

We know you didn’t mean to hurt our feelings but, um, HELL NO! We’re education conscious, which means we’re serious about creating sustainable training and resources that you’ll use and love for the entirety of your experience with us.

🤔 How do I know I’m going to learn something new each month?

Although there is some ‘set’ content, WP Mavens is designed to give you the personalised web biz guidance YOU want when you want it. Have a question? Reach out to us. Need some more eyeballs on your work? We gotchu. If there’s something specific you want to learn, we’re here to help.

🤔 How can I justify the investment?

Easy: WP Mavens won’t cost you more than a good meal out (that benefits more than your belly! 😉) and even less if you swoop up 2 months for FREE by paying up front.

On top of this, active members get 20% off our courses and we’re always working on securing discounts on other epic products and services for you (we already have a bucketload of specials and exclusive discount codes ready for you to use inside our members portal!).

We’re also determined to help you land at least one – if not two or more – higher-paying projects within your first few months with us. Land one and there’s your membership paid for (and then some!) Cha-ching 💸

🤔 Can’t I just learn all the things by Googling it?

I mean sure - but why would you want to? Google’s great but figuring out what to search for and then narrowing it down to people you trust and stuff that has been proven to work … it’s basically a part-time job in itself.

Plus, we’ve already saved you the effort and done it for you by compiling the very best resources you need.

And if you need a little extra inspo…

Haley started her web designer journey a full five years after Emma did but very soon they were peers (in fact, Haley actually started charging more than Em). Why? How? Because Haley soaked up all of Emma’s webby wisdom, hard-earned lessons, template & processes and implemented them in her biz. Haley invested in herself and fast-tracked her success by YEARS!

🤔 I gotta wait until I land another big project/my schedule clears up/the stars online/Jen and Brad get back together before I commit to this.

We believe in you, but how confident are YOU that you’re gonna land that big project soon? Let us help you get it – and others – consistently.

🤔 Will I actually get access to Emma and Haley or will I be palmed off to their team?

You get us, baby. 

🤔 Is WP Mavens just for Aussies?

HELL NO! We already have a wide-reaching cohort with members from Italy to Indonesia to Indiana. Our live training and co-working sessions are scheduled to suit all different time zones. And all trainings and Q&As are recorded. You won't miss a thing!

🤔 Can I cancel anytime?

The monthly plan has a minimum term of 3 months. If you would like to cancel your Membership, you may do so at any time after the minimum term by providing us with 30 days’ notice. Easy peasy!