Get Paid to Quote


Here it is! Everything you need to get paid to quote. Yep, no joke. And on top of that, land the project too.

It ain’t rocket science. Pinky promise.

🙅🏻‍♀️ No more getting ghosted. No more time-wasters. And no more burning up your creative energy and expertise on unqualified leads.

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TIP: Make sure you watch until the end to claim all 4 bonuses! 🎉

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The success club for female WordPress designers determined to create their dream web design business.

In the training, you will:

Learn our step-by-step process for how to sell, create & deliver a paid proposal and website audit

See how adding this to your process is a WIN-WIN for you and your client!

Get our checklist and IRL walk-through of how to carry out a website audit that will knock your client’s socks off

PLUS there’ll be bonuses lady!

Get our Fill-in-the-blanks Website Audit Presentation Template to use for your clients (Canva template).

🎉 AND these extra bonuses are up for grabs too:

Done-for-you audit sales page template (in Divi – don’t use Divi? You can get 6 months of our license for free!)

Book a Website Audit Form (Fluent Forms import file)

We let you know how you can swipe all these bonus goodies during the workshop.

Meet your mentors

Hey, we’re Emma and Haley!

We’re web designers, WordPress fangirls & design geeks on a mission to help female web designers build their dream WP design business!

And, you, you talented designer that we already adore, you can TOTALLY sit with us! Seriously, make yourself at home.

Because we get it. We’re designers just like you. We get goosebumps over a gorgeous font combo, cringe over a premature popup, and can get physically ill over an ugly colour palette. But, more than that, we’ve been where you are, have made a LOT of mistakes and had to learn things the hard way.

But we did learn them.

And now, we’re living our dream web design businesses.