WP Mavens Membership Monthly

First payment prorated. Next payment: May 1, 2024


Why hello!

We see you there. Looking at this WP Mavens thing, trying to work out if it’s the right fit for you. Here are the answers to all your burning questions…

🤔 Do I need to be a female designer to join the club?
Yep. Consider WP Mavens your safe place to ask the questions you may not feel comfortable to ask in other groups.

🤔 I don’t have a WP biz yet - can I still join?
You sure can! If you’re an aspiring WP business owner (and already know how to make WordPress sites), then you’re welcome to join WP Mavens.

🤔 Do I need to use WordPress to join the club?
Like our name suggest, WP Mavens is for ladies who love & use WordPress. Ideally, you'll want to have at least a basic knowledge of building WP sites to get the most value out of this membership. However, there's still loads of value to be had for designers/devs who just dabble in WordPress occasionally and want some to soak up all the more general web design trainings. Ladies who are brand new to WordPress and eager to learn will also benefit from joining, but we may suggest you consider taking some of our courses as well and as a Maven you get 20% all our courses too!

Still more questions.
Don't worry we gotchu

🤔 Designers have no place building websites.

Dude, are you kidding? Designers are the PERFECT peeps to make beautiful and high-performing websites!

🤔 Is the roadmap schedule set or can I skip ahead to the module that I need the most?

Each month, we’ll be releasing new modules based on our four pillars. These modules have been meticulously crafted to step you through the smoothest process to building your dream web design biz by boosting your skills and confidence and supporting you to land bigger-budget project (or two … or ten! ) within your first few months. Then, we focus on streamlining and making your workday and creative process as easy-breezy as possible.

Which is to say … trust our process. 😉

🤔 How long will I have access to the monthly resources for?

As long as you are an active member of WP, you’ll have full access to the current and past monthly resources.

🤔 Is this just ANOTHER subscription I’m totally gonna forget about?

We know you didn’t mean to hurt our feelings but, um, HELL NO! We’re education conscious, which means we’re serious about creating sustainable training and resources that you’ll use and love for the entirety of your experience with us.

🤔 How do I know I’m going to learn something new each month?

Although there is some ‘set’ content, WP Mavens is designed to give you the personalised web biz guidance YOU want when you want it. Have a question? Reach out to us. Need some more eyeballs on your work? We gotchu. If there’s something specific you want to learn, we’re here to help.

🤔 How can I justify the investment?

Easy: WP Mavens won’t cost you more than a good meal out (that benefits more than your belly! 😉) and even less if you swoop up 2 months for FREE by paying up front.

On top of this, active members get 20% off our courses and we’re always working on securing discounts on other epic products and services for you (we already have a bucketload of specials and exclusive discount codes ready for you to use inside our members portal!).

We’re also determined to help you land at least one – if not two or more – higher-paying projects within your first few months with us. Land one and there’s your membership paid for (and then some!) Cha-ching 💸

🤔 Can’t I just learn all the things by Googling it?

I mean sure - but why would you want to? Google’s great but figuring out what to search for and then narrowing it down to people you trust and stuff that has been proven to work … it’s basically a part-time job in itself.

Plus, we’ve already saved you the effort and done it for you by compiling the very best resources you need.

And if you need a little extra inspo…

Haley started her web designer journey a full five years after Emma did but very soon they were peers (in fact, Haley actually started charging more than Em). Why? How? Because Haley soaked up all of Emma’s webby wisdom, hard-earned lessons, template & processes and implemented them in her biz. Haley invested in herself and fast-tracked her success by YEARS!

🤔 I gotta wait until I land another big project/my schedule clears up/the stars online/Jen and Brad get back together before I commit to this.

We believe in you, but how confident are YOU that you’re gonna land that big project soon? Let us help you get it – and others – consistently.

🤔 Will I actually get access to Emma and Haley or will I be palmed off to their team?

You get us, baby. 

🤔 Is WP Mavens just for Aussies?

HELL NO! We already have a wide-reaching cohort with members from Italy to Indonesia to Indiana. Our live training and co-working sessions are scheduled to suit all different time zones. And all trainings and Q&As are recorded. You won't miss a thing!

🤔 Can I cancel anytime?

The monthly plan has a minimum term of 3 months. If you would like to cancel your Membership, you may do so at any time after the minimum term by providing us with 30 days’ notice. Easy peasy!