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Who are we?

Hey, we’re Emma and Haley! 

We’ve been IRL BFFs since high school (way back when Emma had a crush on Haley’s now-husband 🙈) and biz besties since 2014.

It’s a forever thing for us. We’ve cheered each other through thick and thin across crushes, continents and careers.

In 2001, we held each other’s hair back as we experienced (way too much) alcohol for the first time.

In 2008, when Emma wondered aloud if she could really get paid for doing something that felt so easy and rewarding, Haley lovingly nodded her and said, “HELL YEAH YOU CAN – the world needs you to become a WordPress design sensei!”

And in 2012 when Haley was teaching herself how to become a designer, Emma was there to mentor, encourage, inspire and unf*ck the entire process for her.