"Emma and Haley are both so lovely and helpful and involved in their community, that I truly felt like they were invested in me and my business.

I can now confidently quote and build amazing websites and I feel like my world has opened up with possibilities. And being part of a supportive community throughout the journey makes me feel like a winner for sure!”

Jessica from Altitude Unlimited

“Before working with Haley & Emma I was struggling with a lack of direction and a website that I was not proud of.

Whilst I am still working through all the fantastic content provided, they have given me the tools to improve my business and offerings, build a website with all the requirements to make it successful, and have the confidence to keep building and growing my dream.”

Tina H from Studio 76

“Haley and Emma have made my transition from graphic designer to web designer so easy and have saved me so much time & money. Having their experience and mentoring has given me the confidence to build beautiful and functional websites for my clients, and more importantly, charge what my time is worth. I now charge 3 times more 🙂”

Siri from Siri Creative